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I met Alberto during the Globe Europe Skate Tour and he became an interesting character to me sooo fast. He's chill, polite and very creative and... Well,

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Conocí a Alberto durante el Globe Europe Skate Tour de este pasado año y rápidamente me pareció un tipo más que intersante. Alberto es, además, alguien con quien resulta agradable sentarse a hablar acerca de arte, skate, tendencias y... Bueno,

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YEP buddy! How it's goin'?! Hope everything ok!

Well, fisrt of all, tell us  about you and about your roots!

Hey, yeah sure!

My name’s Alberto but friends call me Sket. I’ve this nickname since when I’m 10 y.o. more or less.

Older dudes from my hometown gave it to me when I showed up the first time at the parking lot where they were skateing. I saw them from the tiny window I had in my bedroom. It was the first time I saw people skateing in real life, and I couldn’t believe skateboarding was existing for real ! That was around 95’. Well, from there I started to skate more and I never stopped.

My hometown is called Bassano del Grappa and is located down the Alps in the north-east of Italy , so I snowboard a lot as well !

Not really a lot of action nowdays.. gotta discover the Pyrenies still, now that I moved in Hossegor.

In general we can say that skateboarding, music, travel, art and photography are my main things.

You’re very into filmmaking and photo. In fact, your portfolio is pretty awesome!

Thank you! Well, it took me a while to discover the world behind skateboarding. I just wanted to skate. So after probably 5 or 6 years I discovered magazines and VHS... That was mind blowing. I kinda follow and watch content for a few years, then as my parents never had a video camera, I started working after school in order to buy myself one.

Once I got it pretty soon I realized it was not the one. I needed more money then in order to buy a Sony PD150 with Century Fisheye. Dream.

In the meanwhile I sperimented a lot filming with that camera I had, and approaching to the first editing softwere on my dad’s PC.

I was shooting also lot of photos, not really knowing exactely what I was doing on film.

But for some reasons I always had a camera in my hands since when I was a kid. I remember my first one got stolen in our family caravan on holiday, at the beach, while my dad was windsurfing.


             CREW  ALBERTO




You work for Volcom, RVCA, Globe, Red Bull… Nowadays so, what’s the –early- beginning of this love for the ‘image’?

What about your evolution until you make a place for yourself in those huge brands?

I finished art school at the age of 19 y.o. The day after the final exam I started working in a broadcasting company that was looking for new young people. I started working a lot, like 15 hrs per day. Driving and moving a lot as well, bouncing from one soccer match to the other. From one stadium and hotel to the other. North and south of Italy. Hard work, bad routine... Spent lil bit more then 3 years like that. No time for myself, skateboarding, friends, girlfriend... But I worked a lot and I spent a lot of time by myself, learning, studying, making some money… And finally got my new camera and my first MacBook Pro! 


I quit the job then and I decided to propose my self on a freelance base to the companies and every situation I was able to find around the area where I was living, which is pretty industrial. Long story short I ended up creating a lot of corporate videos or product tutorials... I didn’t want to mix my passion with work at the beginning, as I sacrificed it a lot already. But at one point I felt I was not ok, so I finally made a change and now I’m really happy to work with those companies you named. I feel I’m sticking back to my roots after a long journey, where I collected knoledge that now I can offer in an envirament that I love and care about more. Or that I understand 100% at least


As I said, I've met you during the Globe Europe Skate Tour ‘cause you come from the skate universe but you’re actually living in Hossegor, a surf Paradise. Fun!  How is the skate scene in your area and  what’s your opinion about surf’s one?

Yeah that was a fun short trip, actually the first one I did with Globe.

It’s less than 3 years I’m now living in the south-west of France, but I used to came in here even before.

The skateboarding scene here in Les Landes is grawing a lot and is kicking. Every small town has a skatepark and kids are learning fast, most of them killing it already. For sure I can not comparing with the area where I come from in Italy, as most of the time I was alone at the skatepark.


But I think we can compare this to the surf scene somehow, I know is not the same with waves, but as there are so many people in the water, of course locals, pros and people with good experience are not really welcoming tourists or random people. And honestly, I don’t think it’s cool, but I understand this even if I’m not a surfer, as most of the time is impossible to skate cause of too many kids playing with scooters or

even just learning skateing,  but getting stuck in the middle of the lines.. and that drives me crazy.

I prefer to walk away instead saying something, but it’s frustrating. Snowboarding went through the same situation around 10 years ago I wanna say.. lot of people with brand new gear looking like a pro, driving up to the mountain pretending to snowboard.. trendy. And dangerous.


I never really been ready to share skateboarding, but we kinda all responsabile for the ‘monster’ we created. Now we gotta handle it not crying to much, but looking back I’m missing the days when no one was understanding why you were on a board.

Funny, now people wants to be like that.. or at least pretending to.


So, back to surf, I live next to the ocean now but I’m not surfing as I don’t feel part of this yet.

I’ll approach one day better, for now I can just have fun sometimes in good company, in the right situation.


Do you feel any personal difference  (the way you work, the point of author’s view…) when you’re filming a surfing piece vs a skate one?

Well, I’m not really working creating surf pieces. I just edited a 1 minute clip for RVCA but I only filmed the product/lifestyle, no action.

I shot a few surf photos as I really like to chill at the beach sometimes, and experiment with my camera. It’s something new you know?!

I can get the moves of course even if I can not do it myself. So, let’s say I’m just having fun but at the same time I’m learning and understanding. The element is important too, so I’m just looking at the ocean and the waves, in different situations.


I still have to really get the ‘surf lifestyle’. Skateboarding straight away pushed me into music, hard core punk and metal, street art… It’s pretty creative yeah. With surf, for now I see beautiful landscapes and background, different color and shapes... And I like it.


I’ll be down to spend more time with good surfers in order to get more into this world. When it will happen I’ll do my best shooting as well and I’ll tell you!

... Or next time we’ll see each other I’ll join you!

Still photograph. Another aspect I love of your work! In fact, you’ve done a exhib in Surfin Estate Hsg.

How it was? Where the idea came from? What was the discourse of the picts as a ‘group’ collection?

Yeah I’m really happy about that exhibition, even if not the best timing as it’s on but we are all locked at home.

We had fun at the opening party! Lot of people came and I really appreciate it. The guys at Surfin Estate are doing really good, I always liked the concept of the shop, having a gallery and organizing events like that.

I met Vincent from SE skateing, before moving to live in here. We still meet up to go skate on lunch breakes mostly, so we always talked about organizing something.

Everything came out pretty natural, as I had that 10 photos printed, in blk/wht, a mix between digital and film I collected in the last 10 years. I printed that photo for another expo at Biarritz Skatepark, for the launch of their new magazine: Kinked.

I went through my archive and trying to make a selection I figured I didn’t want to show tricks, but more the attitude in skateboarding.

Or at least part of it, based on what I like and I lived.

Then with Vincent we found out the name [BEHIND SKATEBOARDING] that I think it’s on point.


I surf for Globe since… Wow, too many years! So this is a little special point to me: I’d like to know what’s your relation with them!

Well, I met Josh [Burrow] when I moved to live in here.

And I use to go skate the beautiful ramp they have at the HQ as well.

Then I think I met the rest of the crew one night at this bar/restaurant at the beach, when I arrived to stay in Hossegor.

They had this buffet/dinner after a sales meeting, and I got at that bar to have a couple of beers and food, but kitchen was close already.

Low season...I’m Italian... For me 10 PM is good timing to have dinner ahaha, you know!

Anyway, somehow the guys from Globe saw me lost, and they offer me to grab some food from their tables.

I don’t remember if that saved me to get drunk or not ?! Probably not hahaha.  But I appreciate it!

A part from Globe, what’s your author – professional method when you face a new Project?

Well, I need to collect all the inputs to figure out if and how I can do it first, then I start visualizing.

If it’s something simple I can keep all in mind, image after image, and few details. Of course there’s good improvisation shooting as well.

If it’s something more complicated I write down everything and I create a story board, analyzing situations, compositions, lenses, gear… 

My brain work with images a lot, so as soon as you give me inputs, I’m fucked basically.. my brain keep creating and elaborate the situation in order to suggest me images to frame.. it’s heavy sometimes. Can’t stop that. I spent too much time behind the view finder and the screen editing.. or I always had that.. don’t know.


I think that a ‘constant reinvention’ is the key in the audiovisual world because of the massive cuantity of pieces that we consume each day.

What’s the key to stay fresh Alberto? Any advice for the new faces-filmers upcoming?

I’ve no advices honestly, just keep creating. That’s what I do. And I go with the flow, so if I’m doing something good I guess is just the result of what I’m leaving. And if you like it, means it’s fine.

At the beginning as I said before I didn’t know about visuals in general. When I discovered it my brain exploded, but I felt straight away to create mine not just staying watching. At one point I refused to watch to don’t get influenced by anything. But with the internet, youtube and the social networks era everything’s easier and accessible to everyone.


But I’m not worry and I’m not really thinking about it. I’m just glad I did what I did, moved my ass out, started my personal projects as well as no one gave a fuck about what I was doing.. and I jumped out of the club of those people keep crying judging others and pointing the finger against stuff they don’t even knows, not having a clue about how it works. They call it haters now days, but it’s just people scared to go out there and try to

do something their self, scared to fail or been judge. Easier to sit and watch and criticize. 

I stopped watching TV , never played video games.. was just doing what I liked, creating.

Back to advices..Just don’t be scared to fail, go for it and try, do it wrong !

What about the future? Any Project? Any goal?

Do you think the surf-skate companies will push the art for art’s sake / creativity after the COVID SHIT?

Future is gonna be Blk Marked ! Lol... Just kidding.


Blk.Mark is a fanzine project I started in 2013 [in which I used to put a 666 mark. Fun!]. I got on hold with this project for a couple of years for different reasons, but now I’m ready to start again. Re launching it now coming out with DISORDER, a 10 minutes video, and then a new Fanzine issue of course. Plus the merchandise.. Same old formula, lil bit revisited. That’s why the pay off is Do It Wrong. And I’m the first still learning and making mistakes. It’s fun.


I don’t think surf-skate companies will stop pushing, I hope they will not.  For sure I’ll never stop.

Many new things happening. Many new questions. Are you sceptic about ‘our’ industry [sponsoring, creative Budget, media collabs…] or we should maintain calm?

Oh well, hard to say, as everything’s changing so fast nowdays. Things changed in the past and will keep evolving.

A natural disaster is not helping the global economy for sure, but I think our industry is made of passion first, so in a way or the other will always exist, with a name or another, as are the people behind making the difference. Creativity will never die and our scene with all the subcultures are the best players for that.


Skateboarding and surf in part are heading towards in a really commercial way, playing on the sports component, that I don’t feel personally. So maybe it will be the right timing as well to consolidate the underground scene, where the creativity and the core is. I’m positive.

Well Alberto, I hope we meet soon between beers, ramps, waves and... No virus! Negativity out! Creativity in! Hahahahaha. Hug buddy! Thanks for yout time!

Sure amigo! Lot of beers next time that’s for sure!

Thank you! I appreciate all this and good luck with your project as well, you’re doing good!

Where 666 is… Always a good sign!


Fuck this virus and quarantine, we are gonna shine soon!

Stay Safe_