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What the hell are you doing in Sydney

It's my second time down under. I have been lucky enough to travel and live in other countries for a while and I guess that Australia has something special for me that has made me come back again.

What about the daily life? Are Aussies good with you?

Here time is count differently, it happens very fast. The Australian character is something that I still dont get it, culturally we are very different.

A lot of culture-art-design...?

Melbourne is much more cultural and alternative than Sydney, but having interest you always find something.

How much does a coffee cost?

In a kind of 7-Eleven you can get a dollar coffe but usually is around 3,50 bucks.

... And a beer?

Tthe most expensive I’ve ever paid was over 12$.

Would you say that Sydney is a place-to-be if you want find a place in the design-art-fashion... World?

I think it matters rather little where you are or where you are from if you have concerns.

You do handmade hats. Heavy. Tell me.

I have always liked hats and accessories , I have many and I wanted to learn how to make them. So when things got complicated after a trip that didnt turns out the way I wanted,I decided to do something for myself and that's how it started.

You also studied architecture. Heavy. Tell me.

I studied architecture so everything related with design and above all, the conceptual process is my kind of thing. Architects less, that’s a fact.

Would you show me your ugly face right now?


Are those disciplines (creating a selfmade fashion product and architecture) unviable in Spain. I mean to life off of, not just for pleasure... Is this the reason why you're in Aus?

I want to think that nothing is unfeasible, some things fit more with who you really are. In Spain we have architects so fuckin cool, very internationally recognized but I think sometimes we forget that architecture is for the people not magazines.

Australia is a young country in which I have learned that attitude and perseverance are more important than all masters. You have to be ready for many close doors but in the end you only need a ‘YES’.

What do you see from your window?

Tell me about your routine and favourite places!

I tend to get up early 5.30-6 a.m, if I don’t have to work I go to some hidden beach or to Tama next to my place. I always go to the same cafes, the same library, the markets. I try to find places that I may like, cinemas in rooftops, there is a really cool cinema from the 30s that is like a speakeasy, an old railway factory turned into an artistic center ...

Any pict of them?

What about surf? Are you into? Any good wave close to your home?

Im keen on everything related with the ocean. Zero expert in surfing. I live in the south of Bondi so here is full of surfers, people love to pretend they are into this new fads, surf, fitness, healthy lifestyle... Beach is always full of wetsuits even when is flat, they are there. No idea

After 666 months living there... Would you recomend it? How has the vision of the city changed since the first days?

Sure! Wouldnt be here! 

I’m not going to say is easy but there is thousand pretty little things that are worth it.

Has nothing to do with it, one thing is the obsession with the stamps collection in your passport and quite another to really live a city.

At least you need 3 months to touch ground.

Can I see some of your hats?

How many days do you need to... Well it would be nice you talk a little about the process 'cause I have no idea about doing hats...

Minimum 2 days. From what is called the body (raw material) steaming and the ironing on a wooden block you will shape it.

I do not have 1200 blocks so I use my imagination or I shape the hat by hand. It needs to dry about 24h or so, then I burn it, or I do the embroidery... Depending on this it is more or less time.

But the whole process is artisanal.

What kind of people is your target?

Someone who values ​​these things, handcraft... To own unique pieces.

And of course someone who loves hats. They are not for everyone.

Are you having a decent purchases with 30 bucks?

30 bucks fly, the most expensive is rent and food

Beyond hats and architecture... What interests you?

Utzon (Sydney Opera House’ architect) said that there is nothing he is not into. I think the same.

I’m a curious animal by nature.

Favourite bands? Nah Stop. Do you want make me a Playlist?


To close this with surf ('cause this is a 'surf website')... What kind of idea do you have about this circus: surfer = asshole?

That circus is quite similar to the architecture show. So it will be like everything, there will be people that try to find time in their day to surf, for fun or way of living and then the way is sold to the masses, with brands, competitions and the whole thing .

I don’t know, although I like the sea, I'm from the mountains more that heather.

Take this Bonus ;)

Shit U're black!! There is a Pantone for your skin tone???

Pantone 11.11.Somalian Gypsy

Nah, we're gonna call it Pantone666 ;)

Quite better! ;)