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Erwin is a mad rat. And you know that 'mad rats' are our favourite animals.

There is a lot of surf, resin, skate and music insipiration in Erwin's life but his ideas go far beyond so... Well, keep reading_

Erwin es una rata demente y ya sabéis que las ratas dementes son nuestro animal favorito.

Hay mucho surf, resina, patín y música en el tarro de Erwin, pero sus ideas van mucho más allás, asi que... Bueno, seguid leyendo y, en esta ocasión, haced un pequeño esfuerzo de traducción ;)


Well... First of all, tell us something about you! Your place, surroundings, homespots... 

Quick recap...

l was born in a town  in north East France just a couple kms from the german border. It's a bit grimy but the culture is very interesting. Anyway 10 years  later l went to live in the Caribean, in a island called Guadeloupe, this is where I started surfing.  

Then I moved to Hossegor when i was 16 and I spent 6 years there. 

... Now l'm living in Australia it's been a year between ocean and mountain, the palm trees and  the ghettos, from fancy peoples to the ice heads...

I'm living in Wollongong, a beautiful town rocked by the noise of tuned cars engines on the saturday night; very arty lots of rock music bands and grafitis on every walls. Pretty underground.

...A perfect mix between beauty and dirty 

What about your dily routine? How is a day in the life of Erwin? 

Ye! ...well my daily routine would be 7:00 am at 7eleven for a $1 long black coffee and a banana bread, then have a look at the waves and surf. If it's crap, l will shape and glass surfboards. do some resign tint art…By the way I’m very pride to work for Stretch surfboards .

otherwise I will hangout have beers and  play pool with friends. Or sometimes I just drive myself down the coast in my van to see my old friend Titouan, find a good wave and sleep there.

Even if they're not an essential part of your day by day, what kind of things / interests / curiosities keep your mind and heart alive?

Well,  I’m playing chess which is recent but damn I’m addicted  this game drives me crazy. 

Hum I do a lot of skateboard even if I’m very afraid since my injury  couple months ago. Horse riding  a rail…  Ooh I used to make dildos with resin hahahah. Wanted to do it as a job… Cracked!!

l like music. I’m listening music all day long as l need it. Hip Hop the flatbush Zombies 

or Die Antwoord, Rage against the Machine, Kiss, j. Hendrix, Nirvana… Pink Floyd for sex…

Hey, we're teammates in Globe! Hahahaha Fun!

What kind of relation your maintain with the brand? Tell us your history!

Is Josh your team manager too? Legend!

Ye Josh party boy such a sick cunt always keen!!

l first met Josh when he arrived at Globe Europe 'cause I was already  with  Globe and ye we became friends and  Tm :) 

By the way, I absolutely love your boards! They're sick! What's the concept behind them??? I'm talking about logo, graphic design...

Thanks man I’m glad you like the boards!

I basically started making surfboards because I wanted to have a million boards,  all my boards were rotten by 3 years past and  u know how expressive is a fresh surfboard…

So I asked a shaper to teach me.

We made a board for myself and I directly been passionate! ...And I start working with him for 8 months and slowly make more bliss surfboards. Then I wanted to learn more about the art of glassing and l understood when I met Fabrice Blend. l owe him the most important of my skills. 

bLISS surfboards inspired by the sentence “ignorance is bliss” which means for me to be ignorant of how this world works to find the happiness. Only people that doesn’t question life could find it but l that a bit hard to do …Huh.

what is Life? Anyway …There is no preshape program for bliss boards yet I’m still floating from a shape to the opposite… Trying to find myself hahahah. But I love glassing and try some art work .

What about trips? Any favourite destination? Any mad anecdote on the road?

l'm on the other side of the world this year so... I will move round this side of the planet:  Fiji, Indonesia, Philipines... And I wanna see more Australia, Nz and Tasmania.

I’m  working on project here in Australia. All the urban culture gave me ideas!

And think about movin to New York one day [to work as glasser and just live the experience] I’m very interested by the urban culture. 

I never been to NY but i think it will be interesting...

What about your current WSL ratings? Hahahaha

Nah really, what's your point of view about surfing and its place in your life?

Is still surf an art / counter culture or that romantic vision has been killed by mainstream PURE SHIT?

WSL well obviously there is money in surfing I don’t have money and I’m not attract by this kind of surfing and end up seeing life like a ladder of point .  

surfing is just the only way for me to get away from my mind.. Don’t think just slide on a wave.

Do u realise how weird is surfing? Paddling, catching and ride waves on a board…

lmagine u watching surfers for the first time and u have no idea of what they doing … 

Heres [Guadeloupe] people that don’t even know how a wave looks like! Couldn’t draw it... It is very spacial 

surfing  is not exactly a “sport” that u can do when ever u want 

Any remarkable inspiration?

My mane inspirations are from skateboarding.

I wish surfers had the same spirit but there is too much surfers for 1 wave…

Hey man, why are you taking your time to answer me all this? Is still relevant trying some original content to be readen calmly?

Nowadays dynamics is kinda fast food content, no? SAD

Ye bro I’m talking to you even if people better like watching than reading… Humanity is getting stupid this is how the system is controling us, I guess . Specially for those that live and act only for the social medias, but they probably found bliss uh… That is sad! 

You know that R_666 loves your style! That's why you're here :)

But what do you think about all this (graphism, content...)? Any suggest?

Thank you for having me on the Road 666!!

I like this name tho it sounds like life is the road to hell and this is it, we all on the same track. 

I'm really interested by your contents. It is good to show people the real life and not only beautiful stuff that make u dream... 

Anyway, life is a game.