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They're my friends. They're my inspiration. They're working on something huge_


Es bastante jodido enfrentarse a una entrevista de estas características ya que, en este caso, lo entrevistado no es una persona ni una marca al uso. Ni si quiera un evento, una banda o un artista... Si no, más bien, una especie de postulado creativo que, más allá de lanzar una mera colección de ropa, nos espeta en toda la cara una ideología como seña de identidad y forma de ver el mundo.

Y por eso esta entrevista es jodida, porque sería un crimen limitarse a hablar de lo estético sin hacer alusión a esa premisa ideológica. Por eso hemos decidido hacer una entrevista en dos partes con el fin de dar a conocer HAITH como se merece, de forma profunda, a todo aquel que quiera leer, mirar y dejar de ver el mundo como un mero espectador_

*En este caso toca hacer un esfuerzo extra.


Well, HAITH is born with an important conceptual side in search of originality.

In fact, its own name is an invented word as the result of two concepts... We want know more!

HAITH is born from two conceptual and abstract emotions, that initially sound contradictory, but at the same time can’t co-exist without each other. HATE to the established, to the taboos, prejudices and to a sick society whose values are based on irreality and absurdity - and FAITH - that this generation can change those stigmas through realness/originality, art, style and sustainability.

HAITH in its core; is an imaginary line that connects society, creativity and cause.

It represents an energy that pushes individuals to find what they dislike or disagree with and change it through self-empowered ideas and personal drive.

Not only the name is an original creation. Your typo has been modified letter by letter to create an unique and visual 'HAITH universe'. 

Why do you do this massive effort? How have you made the change? ...Hope there is someone out there to value this. 

HAITH's main goal is to represent and transmit ideas, using different forms of art as our main tools.

Therefore one of our main priorities has always been consistency and recognisability throughout our communications to present a consistent branding across all the media and messages we generate.


The HAITH font, was created very patiently in-house for that specific purpose.

We wanted to use a digital font that emulates the slight irregularities of a type machine to achieve a familiar overall look that seems more real but at the same time stays original.

I've been watching a lot of handmade interventions in your creative space too: deletions, spray art... Is this idiosyncrasy a way to defend a personal interaction face up to this digital / ctrl-c ctrl-v world? 

HAITH is trying to mix two separate worlds that not necessarily always marry together. Our message is positive but its presented in a critical way.


The intention is to raise awareness about some specific topics we find make this world a fucked up place; and the collective solutions we can accomplish when we become aware, interested and involved.


It is for that reason we want to connect with young passionate individuals that appreciate and understand the correlation between a cause and its presentation through art - and that's why we approach every part of the things we do with a different perspective.

One of the things I've really loved about HAITH is seeing your entire process (identity creation, marketing steps, collection design...) surrounded by care and effort but also pretty slow ...As a kind of step by step birth, which is very rare in a rush world.

Talk us about the whole process, since HAITH is just an idea until it becomes a tangible reality.

Since inception, HAITH was set to become a movement where individuals can feel empowerment and inspiration.

We are still focused on using sustainable fashion as a medium of establishing a tangible connection with each individual that feels inspired and empowered by the causes HAITH represents.

To this date we are still committed to that goal, and while the community is building up, we are only growing stronger in numbers to share more stories and spread ideals.

Ok, It's essential to keep in mind some factors when you create something personal: no rush. Small but solid steps. Clear idea and principles...

After all, even if every stage is important, let us know the most special ones.

Success can only be measured in one's mind. But when HAITH is understood and people engage with a cause or a message in a transcendental and non-digital way, it gives us a feeling of accomplishment. The Haith project can only scale through it’s community, and when we feel the love from that community, it only encourages the project to get better and to grow.

At first everything looks clear and easy but then... Materials, purveyors, executions: dilemma!

How has you original idea changed due to this kind of external factors?

*Obviously, I'm talking bout the clothes and prints, not about the values of the brand.

We don’t necessarily believe that any aspects of HAITH’s ideology have been altered when putting the project on paper and the plan in motion. More so, we have carefully crafted and sourced all HAITH assets, communications, procedures and fabrics based on the original plan HAITH started with. HAITH doesn't intend to give up quality or to sell out our values due to challenges along the way. We are here to stay transparent, share causes and develop ideas through the medium of art.

There is one thing that beat any obstacle: team work. 

In your case, there are three lucid minds from three different areas: architecture, photo and video. So... What's the key to defeat those differences and maintain an easy flow? 

The project has been over a year in incubation stage while the whole team kept adding its individual view, touch and vision throughout the whole process. The outcome became, a structure, a branding, and a creative line where consensual ideas gave birth to the HAITH movement and image.


By staying true to HAITH’s vision, purpose and plan we are able to build a foundation that can be applied across all the actions we do, weather they are online or offline.


...Talking about a diverse facet, let us know how to overlap them (photo - editing - architecture - music) to enrich and feed a creative project like this.

Our vision is founded on the use of perception. Having the ability to scan everything we do through different sets of eyes, with completely different skill sets, allows us to find a common aesthetic goal we all share and embrace. At HAITH is common to think that if we enjoy it and like it, there is a possibility that similar individuals will appreciate it also


If you had to simplify your whole project to a basic message... Which concept would you like people take from HAITH's manifesto?

Our biggest pride would be to empower people to empower themselves. Our society is forced to believe certain pre-established aspects of how one needs to do or act throughout one's lifetime. We tend to believe that normal is boring and that by living a lifestyle that excites your being, greater things can be accomplished for oneself and for the rest.

Does anybody give a fuck about this conceptual stuff? Moreover, does anybody care about details?

I'd like to think that we're not singing for a deaf world. But sometimes faith is so hard to maintain... 

In an era where followers and likes seem to be the primary source of empowerment for the youth, we understand that caring for something real and appreciating the details can be a mission of its own. But that stigma fuels our main purpose, which is to crack some minds through the platforms the youth is engaging, and present it in a way that makes it exciting.

I've been lucky enough to know you and your creative space: RAD!! But the main audience haven't had this chance so... Try to describe your surrondings, influences, incentives... 

We try to keep an open space with plenty of visual stimulations around it. Basically, everything we draw, plan, or create goes up on the walls - so we are essentially drowning in our little HAITH world where everything connects.


It is important to us to connect and invite other artists over to exchange inspiration and feed of each other’s creativity. We aim to portray a sense of community throughout our channels and our creative space emulates that same ideology.

Where's HAITH going to? I hope meet you in a remote future, after a long way, and be able to say: wow, HAITH is huge but the same old honest thing.

We are not sure where it’s going. The only thing we know is that we are going full gas.

If we can create a community of self empowered individuals that question everything and create their own system, our job is done. (Mic drop)

As I've said before, I hope someone take a time to listen this sweet melody, which is pretty close to R_666 one.

See you soon 'cause we have more to talk about