R_666  STUFF

#1 Sarah Hazzle


LEGI / Hahahaha You, Evil!

Guess... Pijama? 

...For a month right now!

Woow. Not even a walk!


So... Getting mad, no?

Not really. I'm ok. Reading some stuff...

I've started an online course of video editing


Yep. I'd like to do some video stuff when this shit ends and I hate depend of people all the time. 

Kinda surf shit?

Yep. The Raw on the Road webseries we talked about.

...Surf, design, shape, painting boards... U know.



So... U keeping sponsors?

I'm probably losing everything.


Nah, just kidding. I don't know for the moment. At first it was ok but now...

It's long and hard, u know...


What about u?

It's the same 4 sure! I'm a little worried 'cause it's even harder in a big city. CHAOS everywhere. Big companies cutting. No new projects. The old ones... On stand by... Don't like this but still alive baby!

Sure! Not a bad time to come back to the forest! Hahahaha



Heyyy U know... I've been watching some old picts from that day in X_ _ _

They're rad!

Shitttttt. Send now!

Woooooooooooooah. Nice memories eh!

:) Now you. Selfie!

NO! DISGUST!!! Don't want you throw up

Hahahaha. FCK U!

Tell me, what are you reading now? 

                                                                               I'm very into philosophy

                                                                              Platon, Schopenhauer...

                                                                              I'm also reading a book of Friedrich                                                                               


                                                                             I've found very old comic shit:                                                                                                         Mortadelo, Wally...


Any new board destroy?

I had a new board just before this shit but is still pretty white.

Not really motivated to paint after Gilito's... U know.

Yep. So sorry about :( 

No worries. It's ok.

Just missing him.

Still dreaming about him!

Pict of board?

Love it! Still having some Legi's mark :)

XXX ;)


And you? Tell me about your 'killing time' suggests!

I'm not working now so... Try to have a little order in my head so...

Eat well, some exercise and some Netflix at night.

Less Instagram tho.

Cool! I'm fucking disaster!!!

...Nachos & sofa NON STOP

You know me better than my mom!

Hey, what about your Mexico trip??? 

For sure it was cancelled. We should be there right now! Heavy!!!

To be honest... Taveling is out of my mind now.

Don't loose the stoke baby!

Sure NOT! I just think about... Be back in the water ...Just catch some waves ...Restart my simple life > some bread + hummus in Xagó. U know ;)

Any plains ahead?

Something with Globe and a signature fin promo with Deflow crew -VERY 

GLAD about!!- But I'll let you know soon babe! Promise!!


Show me something fucker!!!

S-H-I-T!! Absolute love those fins!!

:) They're about life & death. 

Passing of time... I'll let you know more soon.U've got my word!

Hope so! They looks pretty


So... Happy with Deflow?

Sure! We're cooperating very close about design stuff and upcoming very rad promos! Guys are pushing hard and I really hope the brand still growing even with the fucking COVID-19. They're  -REALLY-  giving their best

Hope too baby!




Will beer and metal have a lil' place?? Hope is not a soft surfie shit :P



I've been listening your latest Jam and it doesn't seem so extreme!

-LOVED it anyway-

I wanted do something for people, not just me, u know madafakkka +++

Hahaha. EASY honey!!!

I'm very into soul thanks to you Mr Legi.

What are you listening now?

Alltime 80's albums of...

Sepultura, Kreator, Obituary and Death.

A lot of Mayhem too!

Any new names?

In the same line?


Vektor, Demolition Hammer, Nocturnus, Atheist, Morbid Saint, Infernäl Mäjesty, M.O.D...

Real Old School Thrash & Death!! You should try!

And you shpuld make a post!!


Hahahahah LOVE U TOO!

...Any docu? A little bit tired of Netflix

SHIT... This is too long babe and I hate you 'cause you love the SHIT of Netflix.


Nah, I'm just fucked -lot of fuckin' keys- and so0o0o0o lazy >>>beer<<<

Talk tomorrow, ok?

Hahahaha. Ok Fuckn' Hater.

Gonna sleep now?

I'm watching a black holes documentary! What a RAD shit!

*The space ones!!!


Love u!

I don't care.